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I had no idea

6:38 am, May 30, 2015 I almost skipped this one but I was glad I didn't. I never thought about it, I guess - that writers, even fiction, even science fiction writers, would have a tough time getting their work out in comm [..] View

Avago’s Epic $37 Billion Broadcom Acquisition Is Largest Ever Tech Deal

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 There are mergers, and then there are mega-mergers, such as the one that Avago Technologies and Broadcom just agreed to. The two chip makers have entered into a definitive agreement for Avago to acqu [..] View

Apple Posts Temporary Workaround For iPhone’s Crippling Texting Bug

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 We posted earlier this week about a bizarre bug that strikes when a specific text message is received by an iOS user, either via Messages or SMS. Composed of various unicode characters, receiving thi [..] View

IRS Points Finger At Russia In Recent Tax Record Theft

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 It's now believed that a crime syndicate in Russia is responsible for a security breach resulting in the theft of IRS records containing personally identifiable information for over 100,000 taxpayers [..] View

Google Springs Into Action With ’Jump’ 16-Camera Panoramic Video Platform

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Creating VR content that revolves around camera-captured footage is difficult. The biggest challenge is getting the multiple cameras required to be positioned correctly, an [..] View

The End Is Near! Facebook Adds Support For Animated GIFs

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Is Facebook just finally getting with the times given the immense popularity of animated GIFs (and the fact that folks that are lumbering around on ancient 56k connections are few and far between), o [..] View

Lenovo K450e Core i7 Desktop $649; Big Screen TVs And Accessories For Everyone

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 It’s almost time to close out another week, but not before serving up a fresh batch of HOT deals, courtesy of our friends at TechBaragins. On the menu for you all today, we have deals on a [..] View

Canadian Man Receives $120 Ticket For Operating Apple Watch While Driving

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Distracted driving is a growing and dangerous problem that's receiving more awareness these days, and while smartphones top of the list of things that divert people's attention from the road, wearabl [..] View

Lenovo Windows 10 Devices Receive Supercharged Cortana Capabilities With REACHit

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Lenovo and Microsoft have teamed up to offer Lenovo-brand PC users a smarter Cortana experience. The way they've accomplished that is by pairing Cortana with REACHit, the latter of which Lenovo desig [..] View

Xiaomi Recruits Chinese Testers For Android-To-Windows 10 Mobile ROM Upgrade

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 In mid-March, we first brought you news that Microsoft and Xiaomi were looking to get Mi 4 smartphone owners the opportunity to leave Android behind and test out the Windows 10 operating system for s [..] View

Win A Nexus 9, Chromecast, And $100 Google Play Card In The HotHardware Shop!

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 We’ve got a wickedly awesome promotion running over in the HotHardware Shop for the next month. You can enter for your chance to win a magnificent trifecta of Google gear: a Google Nexus 9 [..] View

Gigabyte Ensures Its FM2+ Motherboards Will Play Nice With AMD's Godavari APUs

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 AMD on Thursday introduced the world to its A10-7870K APU, otherwise known as Godavari, though it's actually a light refresh of the existing Kaveri core. Codenames aside, the A10-78 [..] View

Apple Strengthens Reality Distortion Field By Acquiring Augmented Reality Firm Metaio

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 It was reported late this week that Apple is looking to make its voice heard in the growing augmented reality chorus with the purchase of Metaio. Metaio, an augmented reality firm that dates all the [..] View

US Economy Contracted 0.7% In First Quarter

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 The economy got off to an even weaker start this year than first thought, the government reported Friday, as economic activity contracted amid a disappointing trade picture and continued caution on sp [..] View

Aurora Theater Gunman Was Mentally Ill But Legally Sane

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 "My opinion is that, whatever he suffered from, it did not prevent him from forming the intent and knowing what he was doing and the consequences of what he was doing," Dr. William Reid test [..] View

US Tried Stuxnet-Style Campaign Against North Korea But Failed

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 The United States tried to deploy a version of the Stuxnet computer virus to attack North Korea's nuclear weapons program five years ago but ultimately failed, according to people familiar with the co [..] View

Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Ross Ulbricht conceived of his Silk Road black market as an online utopia beyond law enforcement’s reach. Now he’ll spend the next decades firmly in its grasp, locked inside a fede [..] View

MSI X99A MPower LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 MSI's X99A MPower promises to deliver a ton of features at a reasonable price. SATA Express, full speed M.2 support, and USB 3.1 compatibility are all examples of what this motherboard has to offer. T [..] View

Need For Speed Reboot Requires Online Connection

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 It looks like the next Need For Speed game is going to require an internet connection to play. The publisher broke the news on Twitter last night in response to a fan's question on the subject, b [..] View

Corsair Graphite Series 780T

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 The crew at PC Perspective has published a review of the Corsair Graphite Series 780T today. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here. Corsair's Graphite Series 780T Full-Tower case [..] View

AMD Catalyst 15.5 Beta Driver for Windows

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 All you Radeon owners out there should download the new AMD Catalyst 15.5 beta driver, especially if you are playing The Witcher 3 or Project Cars. Let us know how they work on your system in the comm [..] View

IRS Believes Massive Data Theft Originated In Russia

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Feel free to chime in with your best "In Russia, taxes pay you" jokes. The Internal Revenue Service believes that a major cyber breach that allowed criminals to steal the tax returns of [..] View

3 White Collar Jobs Robots Are Already Mastering

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Three more jobs lost to robots. Next step, total annihilation of the human race. We asked Ford to give us three examples of white collar jobs that are ripe for automation. Pharmacists, attorneys a [..] View

MIT Cheetah Robot Running And Jumping

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 MIT, home to some of the greatest minds on the planet, has created a running, jumping robot. Next up, a better recording method than "get in this basket, hold the camera and I'll push you down a [..] View

Silk Road Drug Kingpin Sentenced to Life in Prison

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 I knew they were going to throw the book at this guy but life in prison? Whoa. Ross Ulbricht, the hiking, yoga-loving libertarian convicted of masterminding and running the online black market baz [..] View

MSI X99A MPower LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 If you are planning a motherboard upgrade in the near future, make sure read our evaluation of the MSI X99A MPower LGA 2011-v3 motherboard. MSI's X99A MPower promises to deliver a ton of features [..] View

GIGABYTE Readies FM2+ Series Motherboards For AMD's Godavari APUs

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards is proud to announce that its lineup of FM2+ motherboards is now compatible with the newly launched Godavari APU [..] View

An Interview with Brian, a Homeless Man of Great Wisdom. College Educated, Intelligent, Articulate and Homeless. Find Out Why at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/EscapingMyShadow

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 In this interview, Walter, an ex-homeless man himself is in for a big surprise as he interviews a homeless man, Brian from whom he only knows from the street. Brian who is college educated, super arti [..] View

Huge Circulated Nat’l Publication Promotes New Reviva Lab’s Cream

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 One of America’s largest paid circulated publications has selected Reviva Lab’s, Haddonfield, N.J., to provide to some of its readers a cream that can help lessen deep “n [..] View

The Horror! the Horror! "Toonocalypse" to Have World Premiere at 69th Edinburgh International Film Festival

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Scottish director Owen Rixon's highly anticipated live-action/animated short film "Toonocalypse" will have its World Premiere at the 69th Edinburgh International Film Festival as part of the [..] View

How to Deal with Irrational People: Host of iTunes Top-Rated Self-Help Show Shares Subtle, Powerful Techniques to Calm the "Crazy" Behavior of Others and Regain Control

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Paul Colaianni, host of The Overwhelmed Brain personal growth and development show, shares powerful and unorthodox strategies for handling irrational people. His new ebook titled, "How to Deal wi [..] View

A Unique Party and Event Social Networking, Promotional and Navigational Tool for iOS

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 One of the most anticipated apps of its kind has just been released. And it's called IpartyCrash. To understand this app is to look at a need that hasn't been filled in Social Networking, and Event/Pa [..] View

High Risk Insurance Specialists BeWiser Insurance Brokers Guiding High Risk Drivers on Their Options

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Barrie, Ontario-based insurance specialists, BeWiser Insurance Brokers are now presenting a broad suite of options to those considered high risk by the insurance industry. Drivers with a number of tic [..] View

Bill Maliszewski Tops First Quarter Performance @ Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS® for 2015

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 It was an active first quarter of 2015 for home-buyers in the Greater-Triangle area. Buyer and Relocation Specialist Bill Maliszewski was among the busiest, earning Linda Craft & Team, REALTOR [..] View

Westchester Diamond Specialist Launches New Jewelry Line

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Westchester’s own Karen Rosengart, the Diamond Melee Specialist behind K. Rosengart, has launched a new website to showcase her innovative new line of custom sterling silver bracelets, calle [..] View

New Look for Vendorland Business Directory

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 The Vendorland.ca web directory has been updated! It has a totally new look. New features are now available for Canadian Small Businesses. The New Website Vendorland.ca includes an updated and redesi [..] View

PROLIM’s Director Rich Solti Panelist at Big M Conference on June 3, 2015

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 PROLIM Director Rich Solti being panelist at Big M Conference on June 3, 2015 will takes the “next-step-change” with The Big M event to include a stronger focus on Cloud security. [..] View

Dr. Babcock Helps Attorneys Win Larger Verdicts Using Documentation Based on the 3 Phases of Healing to Support Patients Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claim

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 Dr. Babcock of Trinity Chiropractic in Wichita explains how he can help attorneys win larger verdicts in soft tissue spinal injury claims by proper documentation. Dr. Babcock uses the science of the [..] View

Damnation Books and Eternal Press Will Release New Titles on 1 June 2015

1:01 am, May 30, 2015 William and Kim Richards Gilchrist are pleased to release one title at Damnation Books and four titles at Eternal Press. These publishing companies are run out of Santa Rosa California and the owners [..] View

Volcano Erupts In Japan, Prompting Evacuation Order

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 The Meteorological Agency said Friday that there was a volcanic eruption on Kuchinoerabu Island in Kogashima Prefecture at 9:59 a.m. The agency raised the alert level to 5, in which islanders need to [..] View

ASUS Announces Support for AMD A-Series 'Godavari' APUs

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 ASUS AMD FM2+ motherboards paired with the new AMD A-series APUs offer excellent-value and performance for its class. If you are a proud owner of an ASUS AMD FM2+-based motherboard, you will be happy [..] View

NVIDIA: The Battle For Your Living Room Has Begun

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 At its annual developer conference Thursday, Google described how it's bringing Android — and its 1.3 million apps and Google-powered cloud services — to your living room with Andr [..] View

HospitalRecruiting.com Redesigns and Renames It's Blog and Adds More Healthcare Industry Expert Authors

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 HospitalRecruiting.com, a physician and healthcare job board, has redesigned and renamed it's blog. The blog's new name is Healthcare Career Resources. The redesign includes several aspects intended t [..] View

United States Medical Supply to Sponsor the 7th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress in Orlando

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) announces United States Medical Supply (USMED) will be an exhibitor at the 7th annual conference taking place September 27 – 30 in [..] View

The Frost Free Hose Bib: Now Available for Installation by a Kingston Plumber from John the Plumber

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 During the cold winter season, it is not uncommon for outdoor pipes to freeze. Because of the fluctuating weather in Canada, the water in hose bibs continue to freeze, melt, and expand throughout the [..] View

FCS Announces New Website Launch

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 Forensics Consulting Solutions (FCS), the renowned leader in Computer Forensics and E-Discovery, has recently launched its new website www.DiscoverFCS.com. This newly redesigned website offers quick a [..] View

PetraSlate Tile and Stone Shows Limitless Potential of Travertine Tile

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 Concrete pavers at Denver-based company PetraSlate are pushing the benefits of incorporating travertine tiles into your home design for those looking to create soft tones and matted or brushed finishe [..] View

Georgia Bank Earnings 12 Percent Higher in First Quarter

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 “The Georgia banking industry had a good first quarter, and that tracked alongside the generally improving state economy,” said Joe Brannen, president and CEO of the Georgia Banker [..] View

NMBC and Diverse Visions Group Sign Strategic Alliance Agreement to Benefit NMBC Members & Other Small Business Owners

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 The National Minority Business Council and Diverse Visions Group have signed a strategic alliance agreement as of May 6th to benefit NMBC members & other small business owners. Founded in 200 [..] View

Carolina Aeronautical Offering Range of Financing Programs for Veterans as One of Country’s Top A&P Mechanic Schools

1:01 pm, May 29, 2015 Simpsonville, SC-based aeronautical training school, Carolina Aeronautical is now working with students from across the globe to help them reduce the cost of their aircraft maintenance training. The A [..] View

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