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Stem Cells Grown From Patient's Arm Used To Replace Retina

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 BarbaraHudson writes: The Globe and Mail is reporting the success of a procedure to implant a replacement retina grown from cells from the patient's skin. Quoting: "Transplant doctors are steppin [..] View

FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 New submitter weilawei writes: Last night, FTDI, a Scottish manufacturer of USB-to-serial ICs, posted a response to the ongoing debacle over its allegedly intentional bricking of competitors' chips. I [..] View

Automation Coming To Restaurants, But Not Because of Minimum Wage Hikes

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 dcblogs writes: McDonald's this week told financial analysts of its plans to install self-ordering kiosks and mobile ordering at its restaurants. This news prompted the Wall Street Journal to editoria [..] View

How To Beat Online Price Discrimination

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 New submitter Intrepid imaginaut sends word of a study (PDF) into how e-commerce sites show online shoppers different prices depending on how they found an item and what the sites know about the custo [..] View

PCGamingWiki Looks Into Linux Gaming With 'Port Reports'

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 AberBeta writes: PCGamingWiki contributor Soeb has been looking into the recent larger budget game releases to appear on Linux, including XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Borderlands: The Pre–Sequel [..] View

Decades-old Scientific Paper May Hold Clues To Dark Matter

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 sciencehabit writes: Here's one reason libraries hang on to old science journals: A paper from an experiment conducted 32 years ago may shed light on the nature of dark matter, the mysterious stuff wh [..] View

Recent Nobel Prize Winner Revolutionizes Microscopy Again

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: Eric Betzig recently shared in the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on high-resolution microscopy. Just yesterday, Betzig and a team of researchers published a new mi [..] View

Employers Worried About Critical Thinking Skills

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Nerval's Lobster writes: Every company needs employees who can analyze information effectively, discarding what's unnecessary and digging down into what's actually useful. But employers are getting a [..] View

Researcher Finds Tor Exit Node Adding Malware To Downloads

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Trailrunner7 writes: A security researcher has identified a Tor exit node that was actively patching binaries users download, adding malware to the files dynamically. The discovery, experts say, highl [..] View

Computer Scientist Parachutes From 135,908 Feet, Breaking Record

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: The NY Times reports that Alan Eustace, a computer scientist and senior VP at Google, has successfully broken the record for highest freefall jump, set by Felix Baumgartner [..] View

A Low Cost, Open Source Geiger Counter (Video)

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Sawaiz Syed's LinkedIn page says he's a "Hardware Developer at GSU [Georgia State University], Department of Physics." That's a great workplace for someone who designs low cost radiation det [..] View

Secretive Funding Fuels Ongoing Net Neutrality Astroturfing Controversy

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 alphadogg writes: The contentious debate about net neutrality in the U.S. has sparked controversy over a lack of funding transparency for advocacy groups and think tanks, which critics say subverts th [..] View

Verizon Injects Unique IDs Into HTTP Traffic

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, is now also a real-time data broker. According to a security researcher at Stanford, Big Red has been adding a uniq [..] View

Passwords: Too Much and Not Enough

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: Sophos has a blog post up saying, "attempts to get users to choose passwords that will resist offline guessing, e.g., by composition policies, advice and strength mete [..] View

AT&T Locks Apple SIM Cards On New iPads

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 As reported by MacRumors, the unlocked, carrier-switchable SIM cards built into the newest iPads aren't necessarily so -- at least if you buy them from an AT&T store. Though the card comes fro [..] View

Days After Shooting, Canada Proposes New Restrictions On and Offline

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 New submitter o_ferguson writes As Slashdot reported earlier this week, a lone shooter attacked the war memorial and parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday. As many comments predicted, th [..] View

Microsoft Now Makes Money From Surface Line, Q1 Sales Reach Almost $1 Billion

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 SmartAboutThings writes Microsoft has recently published its Q1 fiscal 2015 earnings report, disclosing that it has made $4.5 billion in net income on $23.20 billion in revenue. According to the repor [..] View

LG Develops Its Own Multi-Core NUCLUN Mobile Processor

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 LG is no small name in the smartphone space, and its G-series of flagship Android devices have raised the bar year after year. Going forward, however, LG's phones will involve a twist: the silicon wi [..] View

Oops! For Bank of America Customers, You Pay Double With Apple Pay Error

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 One could argue that Apple users are accustomed to paying a premium for their mobile brand of choice, but being charged double for the luxury of using Apple Pay, the Cupterino company's new mobile pa [..] View

God Save The Queen’s Tweet! @BritishMonarchy Sends First Royal Tweet

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Queen Elizabeth II has sent her first royal tweet under her own name. The tweet was witnessed by 600 guests who attended the opening of an information technology gallery at the London Science Museum [..] View

Tricky iPad Mini 3 Autopsy Reveals Hidden Screws And Lots Of Adhesive

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 If there's ever a shortage of glue, you can be pretty sure that Apple is partially to blame. When it comes to Apple products, teardown after teardown reveals that the glue-happy company isn't afraid [..] View

Microsoft Beats The Street, 25 Percent Revenue Increase, Surface Leading The Charge

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Microsoft has seen strong performance across its commercial and consumer segments in its last quarter. According to the company’s fiscal Q1 FY15 earnings report, it was revealed that Micros [..] View

Android 5.0 Lollipop May Land on Samsung Galaxy S5 In December

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 and don't want to muck around with third party ROMs, hang tight, it looks like Google's latest and greatest version of Android is headed your way in the not-too-distant [..] View

Two And A Half Geeks 10/24/14: Leaked Nexus 9 Performance, Lenovo Erazer X510, Apple's 5K iMac, New iPads, Windows 10 Hands-On and More

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and a Half Geeks, Andrew, Dave and Marco discuss the early leaked Google Nexus 9 / Tegra K1 "Dual Denver" benchmarks, Apple's latest iPad and iMa [..] View

Lowest Price Ever On Lenovo Y40 Gaming Laptop, $500 Off Dell XPS Core i7 Desktop, And More

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 It’s almost time to close out another week, but not before serving up the latest batch of HOT deals, courtesy of our friends at TechBargains. On the menu for you all today, we have the Leno [..] View

Shares Of Amazon Dive After E-Tailer Posts $437 Million Loss For Q3

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Amazon came up short of analysts' expectations for its fiscal third quarter of 2014. The e-tailer saw its sales increase 20 percent to $20.58 billion, compared with $17.09 billion in the same quarter [..] View

Sprint Tweaks iPhone For Life Plan, Offers A New Handset Every 12 Months

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 As the wireless wars heat up, Sprint continues to modify its plans in hopes to offer customers the best deal around. Sprint has been especially aggressive in trying to attract iPhone customers with s [..] View

'PiPads' Are Coming, Raspberry Pi Tablets To Arrive By Year End

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Since the Raspberry Pi mini-computer hit the market in early 2012, the company behind it has wanted to release a touch display that perfectly complements it. Well, RPi's founder, Eben Upton, revealed [..] View

Canadian Police Release Video Of Ottawa Parliament Gunman During Attack

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Canadian police disclosed new security camera footage on Thursday of the Ottawa parliament attack that shows the startling speed at which the events unfolded, as details emerged about the per [..] View

What The New York City Ebola Patient Was Doing Before He Was Hospitalized

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Officials said Dr. Spencer visited locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn before he became sick. He took the A and L trains on Wednesday to the Gutter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he bowled with frie [..] View

Ebola.com Sold To Russian Company Called Weed Growth Fund For $200K

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Just a few weeks ago, businessman Jon Schultz was hoping to capitalize on news headlines around the globe and wanted to sell the Ebola.com domain for around $150,000. He's managed to [..] View

WHO Says Ebola Vaccine Plans Accelerating

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 Trials of Ebola vaccines could begin in West Africa in December, a month earlier than expected, and hundreds of thousands of doses should be available for use by the middle of next year, the World Hea [..] View

A Record Falls

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 A well-known computer scientist parachuted from a balloon near the top of the stratosphere on Friday, falling faster than the speed of sound and breaking the world altitude record set just two years a [..] View

Apple Made A Move That Could Shake Up The Wireless Industry, But AT&T Is Making That A Little More Difficult

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 When Apple unveiled its new iPads last week, it also quietly announced a new technology that will enable you to switch between wireless carriers at your own will. But AT&T didn't like [..] View

New York And New Jersey To Tighten Ebola Screenings At Airports

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 The governors of New York and New Jersey announced Friday afternoon that they were ordering all people entering the country through two area airports who had direct contact with Ebola patients in Sier [..] View

An Interview With A Captured ISIS Fighter

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 The power was off in the Western countryside of Aleppo, as is usually the case since the start of the revolution. "Do you have any ISIS prisoners right now?" I asked. The Sheikh nodded. &quo [..] View

Sexually Attractive Male Heroes In Games

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 I guess this is a new twist on the tired, worn out, beat to ***** topic of sexually attractive game characters. He is unlikely to be treated as a sexual object with no agency or mind of his own, [..] View

Cooler Master Nepton 280L

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 You guys should head on over to Legit Reviews this afternoon and give this review of the Cooler Master Nepton 280L the once over. Closed-loop (All-in-One) CPU water coolers seem to be a dime a doze [..] View

Why Is This Kickstarter Tanking?

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 I don't know, maybe people are just a little burned out on Kickstarter right now? The Black Glove sounds like a game we'd love to play: A surreal first-person adventure from some of the people who [..] View

SilverStone Fortress FT05

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 We have just posted our evaluation of the SilverStone Fortress FT05. If you are in the market for a new enclosure, you definitely do not want to miss this review. The SilverStone Fortress FT05 is [..] View

Video Game Developers: What To Do When You Are Laid Off

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 GameDevTalk has a handy check list of things you should know and things you should do if you've been laid off from your job in the game industry. I've been working as an animator since 1998, and I' [..] View

Google Senior VP Falls 26 Miles, Lives To Tell The Tale

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 It looks like a new world record has been set for falling from really high places. A well-known computer scientist parachuted from a balloon near the top of the stratosphere on Friday, falling fas [..] View

Will Destiny Survive CoD And Halo?

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the next installment in the CoD franchise are going to kick Destiny in its MMO-wannabe nuts....hard. [..] View

SilverStone Fortress FT05 90 Degree ATX Full Tower Review

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 The SilverStone Fortress FT05 is a different take on it successful Raven RV05. SilverStone has gotten rid of the 5.25" drive bays and once again rotated the motherboard 90 degrees so that the IO [..] View

Windows Update Drivers Bricking USB Serial Chips

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 What's the easiest way to tell if you have counterfeit chips in your computer? Use Windows Update. Hardware hackers building interactive gadgets based on the Arduino microcontrollers are finding t [..] View

Intel X99 Motherboard Goes Up in Smoke

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 As a computer enthusiast, I can honestly say there is nothing worse than this smell. Nothing good has ever immediately followed the smell of burnt electronics. This morning I woke up bright and e [..] View

In Win D-Frame Mini

1:01 am, October 25, 2014 If you like the looks of the original D-Frame (our review here) but want a much smaller footprint, this review of the In Win D-Frame Mini should be right up your alley. Of all the weird and wonder [..] View

How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

1:01 pm, October 24, 2014 smaxp writes In 2007, Sony's supply chain lessons, the network effect from the shift to Intel architecture, and a better OS X for developers combined to renew the Mac's growth. The network effects of [..] View

Tracking a Bitcoin Thief

1:01 pm, October 24, 2014 An anonymous reader writes A small group of researchers were able to publish an investigative report on the hacking of a popular Bitcoin exchange earlier this year by the name of CryptoRush.in. Close [..] View

NY Doctor Recently Back From West Africa Tests Positive For Ebola

1:01 pm, October 24, 2014 An anonymous reader writes An emergency room doctor who recently returned to the city after treating Ebola patients in West Africa has tested positive for the virus, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. It's th [..] View

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