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Isaac Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas?

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 HughPickens.com writes: Arthur Obermayer, a friend of the Isaac Asimov, writes that he recently rediscovered an unpublished essay by Asimov written in 1959 while cleaning out some old files. Obermayer [..] View

Internet Broadband Through High-altitude Drones

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 mwagner writes: Skynet is coming. But not like in the movie: The future of communications is high-altitude solar-powered drones, flying 13 miles above the ground, running microwave wireless equipment, [..] View

First Evidence of Extrasolar Planets Discovered In 1917

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 KentuckyFC writes: Earth's closest white dwarf is called van Maanen 2 and sits 14 light-years from here. It was discovered by the Dutch astronomer Adriaan van Maanen in 1917, but it was initially hard [..] View

Ask Slashdot: Aging and Orphan Open Source Projects?

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 osage writes: Several colleagues and I have worked on an open source project for over 20 years under a corporate aegis. Though nothing like Apache, we have a sizable user community and the software is [..] View

Xerox Alto Source Code Released To Public

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 zonker writes: In 1970, the Xerox Corporation established the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) with the goal to develop an "architecture of information" and lay the groundwork for future ele [..] View

Postscript: Benjamin C. Bradlee (1921-2014)

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 Younger people watching the actor Jason Robards’s portrayal of Bradlee in “All the President’s Men” can be forgiven for thinking it is a broad caricature, an ex [..] View

Video Allegedly Shows Airdropped U.S. Weapons Falling Into ISIS Hands

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 If the weapons depicted — including rocket-propelled grenades — were of U.S. origin, they were intended for Kurdish fighters. Instead ISIS militants may have added them to their al [..] View

Man Convicted In Child Predator Sting With Virtual Girl

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 While I am not sure how this actually works, at least there is one less scumbag on the streets. Scott Robert Hansen, who is a registered *** offender, pleaded guilty to three charges in Brisbane D [..] View

GIGABYTE Hosts Halloween Photo Contest For Facebook Fans

1:01 pm, October 22, 2014 GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, launched today the GIGABYTE Halloween Photo Contest on its Facebook page, the GIGABYTE Motherboard Tech Column. [..] View

Mars Orbiter Beams Back Images of Comet's Surprisingly Tiny Nucleus

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 astroengine writes The High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has become the first instrument orbiting Mars to beam back images of [..] View

Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 countach44 writes that (in the words of the below-linked article) "Chicagoans are costing the city tens of millions of dollars — through good behavior." The City of Chicago recentl [..] View

Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 An anonymous reader writes "Researchers have found a way to deliver a malicious app to Android users by hiding it into what seems to be an encrypted image file, which is then delivered via a legi [..] View

Safercar.gov Overwhelmed By Recall For Deadly Airbags

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 darylb writes "The NHTSA's safercar.gov website appears to be suffering under the load of recent vehicle recalls, including the latest recall of some 4.7 million vehicles using airbags made by Ta [..] View

'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 jones_supa writes The last emblems of Nokia are being removed from Microsoft products. "Microsoft Lumia" is the new brand name that takes their place. The name change follows a slow transiti [..] View

Your Online TV Watching Can Now Be Tracked Across Devices

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 itwbennett (1594911) writes A partnership between TV measurement company Nielsen and analytics provider Adobe, announced today, will let broadcasters see (in aggregate and anonymized) how people inter [..] View

Google Adds USB Security Keys To 2-Factor Authentication Options

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from VentureBeat: Google today announced it is beefing up its two-step verification feature with Security Key, a physical USB second factor that only works [..] View

Ask Slashdot: Event Sign-Up Software Options For a Non-Profit?

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 New submitter don_e_b writes I have been asked by a non-profit to help them gather a team of volunteer developers, who they wish to have write an online volunteer sign-up site. This organization has a [..] View

Cell Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man To Walk

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 New submitter tiberus sends word of a breakthrough medical treatment that has restored the ability to walk to a man who was paralyzed from the chest down after his spinal cord was severed in a knife a [..] View

NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 gollum123 writes: Back in the day, computer science was as legitimate a career path for women as medicine, law, or science. But in 1984, the number of women majoring in computing-related subjects bega [..] View

Samsung Acknowledges and Fixes Bug On 840 EVO SSDs

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Lucas123 writes: Samsung has issued a firmware fix for a bug on its popular 840 EVO triple-level cell SSD. The bug apparently slows read performance tremendously for any data more than a month old tha [..] View

The Bogus Batoid Submarine is Wooden, not Yellow (Video)

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 This is a "wet" submarine. It doesn't try to keep water out. You wear SCUBA gear while pedaling it. And yes, it is powered by a person pushing pedals. That motion, through a drive train, mak [..] View

The Future of Stamps

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 New submitter Kkloe writes: Wired is running a profile of a gadget called Signet, which is trying to bring postage stamps into the age of high technology. Quoting: "At its core, it is a digital s [..] View

Google Leads $542m Funding Round For Augmented Reality Wearables Company

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 An anonymous reader writes: After rumors broke last week, Magic Leap has officially closed the deal on a $542 million Series B investment led by Google. The company has been extremely tight-lipped abo [..] View

Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Lasrick writes: David Ropeik explores risk-perception psychology and Ebola in the U.S. "[O]fficials are up against the inherently emotional and instinctive nature of risk-perception psychology. P [..] View

Microsoft Introduces Build Cadence Selection With Windows 10

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 jones_supa writes: Microsoft has just released Windows 10 TP build 9860. Along with the new release, Microsoft is introducing an interesting cadence option for how quickly you will receive new builds. [..] View

Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 sciencehabit writes: Earth is rapidly being wired with fiber-optic cables — inexpensive, flexible strands of silicon dioxide that have revolutionized telecommunications. They've already cris [..] View

Change.org Petition Asks Toys R Us To Stop Carry Meth-Glorifying 'Breaking Bad' Action Figures

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Breaking Bad's Walter White had a knack for evading authorities and, on several occasions, certain ***** through the show's five seasons. But of all the adversaries he faced off against, his toughest [..] View

iFixIt Chastises Apple For 'Breaking" The Flexible And Upgradeable Design Of Latest Mac Mini Model

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Apple has a history of trying to prevent owners of its products from mucking around inside its devices, and in case you thought the company turned over a new leaf with its Mac Mini system, think agai [..] View

Marty McFly’s Future Realized: Behold The Hendo Hoverboard

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Holy mackerel, it happened! Somebody actually went and built an honest-to-goodness hoverboard, finally bringing to reality the fantasy we've all shared since seeing Marty McFly escape from Biff and h [..] View

Samsung Hits Volume Production For First 20nm 8Gb DDR4 DRAM Chips And 32GB DDR4 Modules

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Every few months, some huge chipmaker comes out with yet another advancement in memory technology that makes it simpler to shove more and more memory into tighter and tighter spaces. That's what is h [..] View

Apple Rakes In Record Revenue, Reports $8.5 Billion Profit Following Biggest iPhone Launch Ever

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Regarding Apple's financial performance during its fiscal fourth quarter ended September 27, 2014, go ahead and choose whichever adjective floats your boat -- smashing, awesome, fantastic, and the li [..] View

Senator Patrick Leahy Requests Comcast To Swear It Will Not Break Net Neutrality

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 While the Federal Communications Commission sorts through all the feedback and arguments regarding net neutrality and internet fast lanes, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy has been t [..] View

Samsung Knox Mobile Security Cleared By NSA For Government Use

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Several Samsung Galaxy mobile devices are now cleared to store classified information, paving the way for Samsung to tap a broad market of government agencies and private contractors that handle sens [..] View

Apple Tells Developers It's 64-Bit Or Bust For iOS 8 Apps Starting In February

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Attention iOS developers, Apple just dropped the ban hammer on any 32-bit coding aspirations you may have had for new apps you plan to release on Apple's ecosystem. Effective February 1, 2015, all ne [..] View

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Will Rake In An $84.3 Million Dollar Paycheck According To SEC Filing

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has a good reason to smile. According to a document filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Nadella will receive a compensation package worth $84.3 million [..] View

Shop Rarely Discounted Samsung Monitors, Bluetooth Light Bulbs, Dell Laptops And More

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Welcome back for the latest installment of HOT deals, courtesy of our friends at TechBargains. On the menu for you all today, we have deals on the Samsung U28D590D 28" 4K UltraHD monitor, the De [..] View

Google Leap Of Faith, Invests $542 Million In Visual Display Augmented Reality Company Magic Leap

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 A lot of interest is being shown in a startup company called Magic Leap. The company is working on augmented reality glasses that will be able to create digital objects that appear to exist in the re [..] View

I Saw Firsthand How Nuts Airlines Are Getting With Ebola Fear

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Today I boarded US Airways flight 5929 from Raleigh-Durham to Washington, DC. Across the aisle from me was a woman, from Boston, who was feeling a bit queasy. She asked the flight attendant for some c [..] View

Oscar De La Renta, Who Clothed Stars And Became One, Dies At 82

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Oscar de la Renta, the doyen of American fashion, whose career began in the 1950s in Franco’s Spain, sprawled across the better living rooms of Paris and New York, and who was the last survi [..] View

Iraq Is Torturing And Executing Innocent Citizens, UN Report Says

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Amid genocidal slaughter carried out by the Islamic State and extra-judicial killings perpetrated by Shia ***** squads, the United Nations says the Iraqi government is also torturing its citizens and [..] View

Total CEO Dead In Runway Crash With Snow Plow

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Christophe de Margerie, the charismatic CEO of Total SA who dedicated his career to the multinational oil company, was ****** at a Moscow airport when his private jet collided with a snowplow whose dr [..] View

Airbnb Accused Of Illegally Lobbying For Favorable Legislation

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Airbnb is proving itself to the quite the political operator. In an ethics complaint filed today in San Francisco, Airbnb has been accused using off-the-books lobbyists to help push legislation that l [..] View

Rwanda Introduces Ebola Screening — For Americans

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 The notice appears to be in response to recent cases in both countries. In addition to the three people diagnosed with the deadly virus in Dallas, an additional five patients transported from West Afr [..] View

FTC Names New Chief Technologist

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s top consumer protection regulator, appointed a privacy expert and former journalist as its chief technologist on Tuesday, a signal that the commiss [..] View

Ben Bradlee, Legendary Washington Post Editor, Dies At 93

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Benjamin C. Bradlee, who presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and guided The Post’s transformation into one of the world’s leading newspapers, died Oct. 21 at hi [..] View

Phone Hackers Stealing Billions

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 While the hackers in this story are the obvious bad guys, phone companies trying to enforce these outrageous bills aren't much better. It wasn't. Hackers had broken into the phone network of the c [..] View

XFX Radeon R9 285 Black Edition Video Card Review

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Today we are reviewing the new XFX Radeon R9 285 Black Edition video card. We will compare it to a pair of GeForce GTX 760 based GPUs to determine the best at the sub-$250 price point. XFX states th [..] View

RAM Soldered Into New Mac Mini To Block Memory Upgrades

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 Why would a company do something like this to prevent end users from upgrading the memory in....whoops, this is Apple we are talking about...never mind. For anyone looking for a cheap way to get t [..] View

Lowly DSL Poised For Gigabit Speed Boost

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 It looks like there is hope for all you guys stuck on DSL after all. The bad part is that you'll most likely be waiting until 2016. That's all changing. At the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam t [..] View

Kickstarter Hoverboard Sounds Like A 'Banshee'

1:01 am, October 22, 2014 A $10,000 hoverboard that only works on a solid copper floor? I think I'll pass. But hey, if that's too rich for your blood, the company sells non-functioning replicas for just $499. While [..] View

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